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Play Print T-Shirts West Rand

Play Print T-Shirts West Rand is passionate about our client’s needs, whether it’s personal or for their organisation.

PLAY PRINT looks at your needs and tailor make your design to send out the right message and image for yourself and your organisation.

Based in Krugersdorp, West Rand, Play Print will help you with your T-Shirt printing needs for any event, campaign, cause or functions.  Find that one-of-a-kind T-shirt on our online T-Shirt shop, that expresses your personality or your group identity.

PLAY PRINT uses only high quality T-Shirts - our in house branded T-Shirt SKIPA - in conjunction with screen printing to product a long lasting product that you can be proud of wearing for years to come.  We also offer designing services for your T-Shirt.

Contact us now for all your needs for T-Shirts West Rand, Johannesburg Areas.

Our Philosophy

Play Print prides itself in our philosophy of creativity done through discipline and professionalism, where we take care of our staff which in turn provide you with a personalised service and quality products.  We aim to go beyond just providing a quality product but to provide you with a quality products that has meaning through the design that showcases your organisation to be caring about your customers, partners and your community.

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Our Services

Designed Printed T-Shirts

PLAY PRINT prides itself in giving the individual a way to express themselves through designed and printed T-Shirts.  PLAY PRINT is proud to have designed an environment where you can buy a pre-printed designed T-Shirt which expresses your personality and what you believe in.  To view how you can express yourself through our pre-printed T-Shirts go to our online t-shirt shop.

T-Shirt printing

PLAY PRINT offers you T-Shirt printing services where PLAY PRINT help you promote your causes, functions, organisations, as we:

  • Develop concepts.
  • Design concepts.
  • Print T-Shirts.
    This is done through setup and printing costs with free setup cost from a minimum of 100 units.  To get a screen printing T-Shirt quotation online click here.

Company/Organisation Marketing and Branding

PLAY PRINT forms a partnership with your organisation to promote it and market it though our services. PLAY PRINT together with your organisation will draw up a marketing strategy using our T-Shirt printing services.

The strategy will show case that your company care about what is happening in your community and care about causes that promote women, health, education, etc.